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Common Pronunciation Mix-Ups

Doubt and debit:

The ‘b’ in ‘doubt’ has no sound, just like the ‘b’ in ‘thumb’ or ‘dumb.’ ‘Doubt’ has the same vowel sound as ‘out.’ It’s only one syllable.

The ‘b’ in ‘debit,’ on the other hand, is pronounced. It’s a two-syllable word, and the first syllable is stressed.

‘Pronunciation’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘pronounce’ or ‘bounce.’ The first vowel sound is the same as in ‘one’ ‘fun,’ or ‘done.’

Applying in a Different City

I recently had an inquiry from a student. They wanted to apply for a job in another city, but didn’t want to travel for an interview unless it was absolutely necessary. She wrote a letter, asked me to proofread it, and I present it below for you.
Dear Ms. Familyname,
I really appreciate your consideration of my candidature for Commercial Account Manager (Junior) position in your company.
Right now I’m studying English at [School Name] every working day from 9am until 4pm. My studying program will be finished in 2 months. I am very interested in working at your company and have a few questions. Is it possible to have our conversation in Vancouver or at a distance, for example, online? If it is not I will try to organize my trip to Courtenay. Could we meet on Saturday, the 12th of June?
Thank you in advance for your help.



Common Pronunciation Mistakes

I had an interesting conversation today about some commonly mispronounced words. Here are some of the highlights:

– country. The first vowel rhymes with one, not cow.

– our. It can rhyme with either hour or are. Listen to the people near you and copy their sound.

– month. It also rhymes with one, and be careful with the ‘th’ sound. Sometimes people say it with an ‘f’ sound on the end.

– bad sounds like mad, can, and cab. Bed sounds like red, head, and dead. Bad and bed don’t rhyme with each other.

Pronunciation can be tricky, but looking for rhyming patterns can make it easier to organize the sounds you want to say. Keep on practicing your speaking!