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Every day and everyday. Are they synonyms?

The short answer is no. The long answer is also no, and there are several clues we can use to help choose the right expression.

Everyday is an adjective, so it describes a noun, and it means ‘regular, normal, common.’

“My everyday shoes are made of leather.”

We cannot change this to show a different amount of time. “Everyweek, everymonth, and everyyear” are not English.

Every day is used to show a time or repetition. It means ‘each day, without a break.”

“I wear my leather shoes every day.”

We can change this to show repetition over time. “Every month, every hour, and every year” are all good expressions.

“I get a massage every month.”
“I email my boss every hour.”
“I celebrate my birthday every year.”

Now, it is time to practice your everyday English. Speak, listen, read, and write every day!”

Conference Presentation, Part Two

I presented this paper in Victoria earlier this year, and I was asked to repeat my presentation at a conference in Vancouver. As before, it is a summary of┬ámy Master’s research project, all about ESL students and academic dishonesty. I find BC TEAL conferences really enjoyable to present at – lots of interesting questions and discussion usually happen, and the variety of talks is always exciting!

My paper, titled “Why Do They Cheat? A Meta-Synthesis of Academic Dishonesty in ESL Students” is available here.