Business English

Here’s where you’ll find all of the material related to my Canadian Business English Handbook, a complete self-study course in English for workers.

Canadian Business English Handbook: Free Edition includes information on getting a job, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and pronunciation exercises from a Canadian point of view. It’s a free download, coming soon!

Resumé Sample Pack includes four resumés in styles intended for Graphic Designer/Photographer, Architect, Computer Scientist, and General/Office jobs. Use them as templates to show your strengths. I’ve included comments on the writing, including details on vocabulary, layout, and formatting to help you adapt them to your information.

Cover Letter Sample Pack includes four sample cover letters for different job types : Researcher, Cashier, Graphic Designer, and Sales Intern. They include commentary on the writing style, and will make your writing easy. Reading through these will give you details that you can use to make your application stand out from others on the recruiter’s desk.

Power Up your Internship discusses several ways to stand out from other applicants. With information on Canadian certifications, most of which take less than a day to obtain, interns will be able to compete with Canadians on a more level ground. As well, these certifications can be used on your resumé at home too – they are all issued by large organizations, including the Canadian government.

Consultant’s Report – Full Length
is a two-page sample report written by an efficiency consultant. It shows you some common phrases, an organizational style, and common topics that would be discussed in this type of report.

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